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Welcome to Barbara's website where you will find out about her, what she does and how she works.

She is a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing in the state of Delaware. She has been involved in the health field for over 30 years as a competitor, aerobic class teacher, senior fitness teacher, a personal trainer are has worked in the physical therapy field.

Barbara worked for Greenhouse International as their Director of Fitness and Personal Trainer with the purpose of helping her clients to take part in an infomercial. These individuals lost anywhere between 20-75 pounds. Their goal, dreams to some, was to make it all the way through so they could have the chance of being on TV. In whatever Barbara has done she enjoys helping others. Because of her passion she has compassion for others and this transcends into her work.

Are you ready to face your fears? Are you willing to look beyond the physical and go into the being within you, look at it closely, acknowledge fear is there, learn what it is, release and grow past them? In order to face fear, vulnerability is a requirement. When we are willing to be vulnerable with ourselves, we are able to access the truth of where these fears stem from. This may bring tears of sadness, anger, shame, self doubt and all the paradigms that serve a necessary means to "wake" us up. We are then given the choice, and it IS a choice, to deal with everything else in our lives which surrounds the make up of our fears. We are able and capable of growing beyond and past our fears. 

Barbara is a natural born healer. Within the womb of her mother she was able to recognize she was not just a body, but a Spirit being within a body. Her re-awakening at the age of 35 occured when she found out about a deep trauma that existed in her body since the age of three. This trauma was sexual abuse. Because Barbara has always been an open individual with a willing heart, she knew enough that it was important for her to ask herself questions. Just as a child at the age of 2 & 3 often asks mommy and daddy the why question, so it is that Barbara asked her higher power, "Why?" She also asked, "What is this? What just happened?" She has a strong sense of intuition. Using her Spiritual gift of sight, discernment, and prophecy she is able to help assist you in your journey. But you have to be ready for change. Your going to need to want to face yourself, so that you will want to change. Growth happens through change. We all know we can't get a fit body if we are not willing to embrace changing what we eat and feeling sore muscles by working the body out. Our brain is a muscle. If we want to change the way we think we will need to work the muscle of the brain. This means we will need to open our minds to receive new information. Spiritual growth works the same way. But often Spiritual growth is the toughest of all. It challenges religious upbringing. Sometimes it feels like going against the "norm" because what we thought of as normal or right may not necessarily be the case. Barbara suggests that when you are truly ready to do this work, her coaching/counseling/mentorship programs will be the most effective and long lasting services to use.  

Everyone is unique. Everyone has their own belief systems, religious dogmas, societal beliefs and ways we "should" behave or what is considered "normal". The light rays from the universe are always pure, vibrant and ready for us to utilize in helping ourselves in our healing journey. Whether this journey you seek is for physical healing, emotional healing, or Spiritual healing the mental mind needs to be ready to accept it. Like Barbara when she started her healing process, you too will need to have a willing heart and open mind. 

Barbara takes pride in customer satisfaction. You are unique and will have a unique experience. Your safety and comfort are important to her.  She allows plenty of time between sessions. Keeping the health of our bodies, mind and soul is not just something Barbara believes in. It is how she lives. Clients describe Barbara as:

  • Electrifying
  • Angelic
  • Inspirational
  • Magical
  • Intense
  • Enlightening
  • Fascinating
  • Mystical
  • Beautiful

When purchasing sessions Barbara requires all new clients pay a deposit when scheduling. This time is devoted to you. It is to avoid no shows and cancels. There are no refunds on depsotis nor can your deposit be used towards a future session. If you need to reschedule please contact Barbara by phone as soon as possible. Do NOT rely on email when cancelling or rescheduling. If it is a reschedule within the same week your deposit is secure for that appointment. Your deposit says you are making a commitment. Please refrain showing disrespect by not showing up for your session. Refer to Faqs page.

Barbara also performs traditional massage services including swedish and Thai. Please visit  www.spiritualhealingmassage.com for more information about her traditional massage services. Please contact her through appropriate site for which you want service: Goddess Session contact through this site. Traditional service contact through above site. Thank You

Barbara accepts Cash and Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard and Discover) NO checks

Barbara supports Hope For Vets. Please check out http://www.hope4ptsdvets.org Kevin Taylor created this healing group. He is a survivor of PTSD. 


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tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware



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