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Tantric and Esalen style massage in Delaware Hello and welcome to the beginning of an amazing journey. Using various massage techniques, drumming, guided imagery, and visualization Barbara ill help facilitate your transcendence to a more meaningful state of being. She welcomes men, women, and couples to allow her to assist and facilitate this journey.

This site is designed for those on their spiritual journey. It is for individuals looking for spiritual healing, to receive an increased awakening of their senses and have growth happen for them in all parts of their LIFE. It is a place for deep relaxation, meditation and healing to take place. Let your mind, spirit and body go.

You will be welcomed with a warm smile and a sweet embrace in the presence of one who genuinely cares for you. A Higher Power resides in you, in me and in all of us. It is your I AM, your spirit within, your light. Allow Barbara to help you tap into that precious power within.

Our bodies were brought into this world, naked and open to vulnerability. We are born in the flesh and die from the flesh but our Spirits live on forever. May Barbara have the opportunity to guide your Spirit to a higher place?

You will find through these pages Barbara is Inspirational, Motivating, Holistic, and for some, unconventional. Services are similar to Tantra. All parts of the body are sensual in nature, meaning they respond favorably to touch and I embrace the beauty of the human body. Do not misconstrue my sessions and services as being sexual in nature.

There are no sexual services of any kind offered. My services are based on sensuality, spirituality and a desire to seek wholeness and purity. It is for men and women who are on their path of Enlightenment or for those who want to start their path of Enlightenment. If you have further questions, please read Frequently Asked Questions page before you contact me.

Each one of us has the power and divine blessing inside to prosper, love, believe, live in truth, and be truth. We are gifted with talents and abilities intended to be put to use in our present life for the betterment of others. In each moment we need to realize our uniqueness loving ourselves enough to put forth effort to love others. Embrace your body as nature intends. Nothing stands still!! :)

Barbara Ann Rose book

Please consider a personally signed book as a gift for yourself or loved one this holiday season! Email through contact page with your interest.

Quote by Stanislav Grof

"Ecstasy is characterized by extreme peace, tranquility, tension-free state, a loss of ego boundaries and an absolute sense of oneness with nature, with the cosmic order and with God"

"The Primary source of practicing sacred sexuality has always been to achieve union, or a blissful dance with the divine. This bliss doesn't pass away with time but remains permanently encoded in our hearts and souls. Nonetheless the effects are felt seen and heard in body, mind and soul. You may find that others are attracted to you on various levels so remember to maintain your center. Instead of responding to every attraction to or from others, empower them by being true to yourself. Demonstrate how to be loving sensual and passionate yet responsible. Show others it is possible to be fully alive in your body without compromising your soul."

Barbara’s clients come to for many different reasons. Many need help in helping themselves see, feel and know their own sexuality, sensuality; their divinity! You earn the right to touch others and they earn the right in return. The body is the temple. It is sacred. You are sacred! We are glorious Spiritual beings capable of expressing bliss beyond the body's ability to contain. With Divine Touch Barbara can be an avenue for you to help you reach down into your core. She has several clients from the Tri-State area. Some even from all over the World when they pass through this region. 

How we interpret the world results from our thoughts and feelings. Every time you label something - an event, a person's behavior, a theory, anything-you are interpreting the world through reflection and projection. Shunryu Suzuki Zen teacher says: "Ninety nine percent of thinking is self-centered." How you regard the world is bound by how you feel the world is. Shift your thoughts and you will end up with a different reality. YOU choose your reality by what you think. How do you want your reality to change? Our feelings also act as the binding glue of our perception of reality. Consistency comes from when you're focused on your core as that energy resides beyond conditional fields. Core energy connects with infinity and infinity holds all possibilities.

Barbara is here for you. Let’s unravel the web in this beginning of your journey. Shall we begin? Your life will only become better because of the choices you make. Let's get started.

In Love and Light
Goddess Rose


Barbara Anne Rose supports Hope For Vets. Please view http://www.hopeforptsdvets.org It is an organization created by Kevin Taylor. He is a survivor of PTSD as well as Barbara. Although not a veteran. 

"Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership." Colin Powell 


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tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware

tantric and esalen style massage in delaware



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